PLS System

  • PLS Product consist of Pallet, Lid and foldable sleeves made using ECHO Bubble Guard® boards.
  • PLS Product delivers multiuse, returnable, stackable, collapsible solution that delivers lower Cost, High ROI by Savings in Space, Logistics, Waste management with sustainable and 100% recyclable packaging systems that is in use across automotive, FMCG, Warehousing and other industries.
Key Features of ECHO PLS:

Lightweight and durable

Waterproof, moisture resistance and easy to clean

High stiffness and rigidity

High load bearing capacity

Foldable with “M” or “Z” folding options

Interior fittings made with the inserts - separators and partitions

Uniform strength in all directions

Collapsible to reduce volume by 75% in collapsed condition

Reusable and 100% recyclable

Can be cut, creased, welded and thermoformed

Side windows are designed with made-to-measure and inspect

Customised Logo and instructions printing

Can be fully customised