Frequently Asked Questions

What is ECHO Bubble Guard?

ECHO Bubble Guard is a multipurpose usage board composed of three layers of polypropylene sheets, two solid outer layers and one honeycomb bubble layer in between. This structure makes the ECHO Bubble Guard strong and light in weight. With infinite usage options across various Industries, its shape and size can be customized as per any requirement.

Are ECHO Bubble Guard sheets recyclable?

Yes, ECHO Bubble Guard sheets are recyclable and can be used multiple times. Not just economical and cost saving, they are also eco-friendly and sustainable.

What are the available sizes, colours and GSMs of ECHO Bubble Guard sheets?

ECHO Bubble Guard sheets can be customised and are available in a range of colours and sizes as follows:
GSM: 200 to 6000 GSM
Colors: Grey, Blue, White & any other color customisation available on MOQ

What are the different applications of ECHO Bubble Guard sheets?

ECHO Bubble Guard sheets have a wide range of applications. With infinite usage possibilities, they can be used for various purposes including construction, architecture, printing, packaging, industrial logistics, and automotives.