Know about Bubble guard

Echo Bubble Guard BOARD is a RIGID, LIGHTWEIGHT HONEYCOMB POLYPROPYLENEsheet which, unlike many other similar products, is the result of 3-layer in-line co-extrusion without using any glues:

A) External skins for weight distribution, aesthetic warped sheets, can be laminated directly during the extrusion phase.

B) Very regular honeycomb core, resistant in all directions.Here, the air that is trapped in the polypropylene BUBBLES also becomes a structural component.

Echo Bubble Guard BOARD can be laminated in-line with many types of both technical and aesthetic films, such as BOPP, TNT (nonwoven), TPO, ALU, foams, fabrics, and several more, only through heat. This process ensures perfect adhesion on both sides of our panel. They can be cold die cut, hot die cut, thermoformed or simply plotter machined.

Echo Bubble Guard is available in the following formats:

1.8mm-to-10mm thicknesses

250 g/sqm to 3000 g/sqm weight

Sheet width up to 2050 mm