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ECHO Bubble Guard

The ECHO Bubble Guard® Board is a rigid light weight multilayer board with unique honeycomb like structure core at the center with flat layers on each side, manufactured using 3-layer in-line co-extrusion without using any glues.

The ECHO Bubble Guard® Board is extruded using Polypropylene that is 100% recyclable.

The ECHO Bubble Guard® Board uniqueness is derived out of a combination of its geometrical structure and material capabilities. External skins for weight distribution, aesthetic warped sheets, can be laminated directly during the extrusion phase. Very regular honeycomb core, resistant in all directions. Here, the air that is trapped in the polypropylene BUBBLES also becomes a structural component.

The ECHO Bubble Guard® Board is capable of being laminated on-line and offline using combination of heat, pressure and adhesive with variety of materials like BOPP Films, Non-woven Fabrics, TPE, ALU Foil, Polyethylene Foams etc. and opens exciting possibilities of applications.

The key advantage is its LIGHTWEIGHT: ECHO Bubble Guard® BOARD sheet weighs 60% less than a same-thickness compact sheet and it is a multipurpose usage board with range of weight from 200 GSM up to 3000 GSM with thickness ranging from 1.8mm to 10 mm with sheet width up to 1750mm.

The ECHO Bubble Guard® is capable of being thermoformed, hot and cold Die-cut, Creased, Joined and Welded using conventional and CNC router machine.

Specifications Of ECHO Bubble Guard®:
  • Available in 1.8mm to 20mm thicknesses​
  • Available in 200 g/sqm to 6000 g/sqm weight
  • Sheet width available up to 1750 mm​
Why choose ECHO Bubble Guard® boards?

Termite and insect Proof


100% Recyclable


Have a wide segments of application

Helps in saving
- handling costs
- packaging costs
- transport costs

High resistant to edge and flat crush strength

Easy to convert and fabricate

Shock absorbent and chemical resistant

Resistant to corrosion

Moisture resistant and fire retardant {anti-static}

Anti – Skid version is possible

Have high load bearing capacity, weight to strength ratio is excellent

Duplex Board Technology

ECHO Bubble Guard® Duplex Board is the result of two layers of in-line co-extruded bubbles

ECHO Bubble Guard® Duplex Board has equal strength in both direction as every bubble has an individual entity and the air that is entrapped in the polypropylene ‘bubbles’ also becomes a structural component, offering stiffness and rigidity with higher load bearing capacity with strength to weight ratio.

ECHO Bubble Guard® Duplex Board is a multipurpose usage board with range of weight from 2000 GSM up to 5500 GSM with thickness ranging from 8 mm to 17.5mm.

ECHO Bubble Guard® Duplex Board can be manufactured with up to 5 layers without lamination and 7 layers with lamination in the forms of Single and Duplex Bubble boards lending itself range of Strength, Aesthetic, Acoustics performance.